Nathalie Clément

Like other photographers at Nath & Compagnie, my passion for photography was born when I was a teenager. I spent a whole summer working as a life guard at $3 an hour to buy my first Minolta camera with all my savings! The beginning of freedom! Tucked away behind my lens, I could bring beauty to the forefront in any setting I chose.

William De Marchand

Originally from Chandler, in the Gaspé Peninsula, William de Merchant practiced law where he worked tirelessly with the homeless and the poorest people in Montreal. At the age of fifteen, after returning from a summer job, he used the fruits of his labour to buy his first camera. William de Merchant then discovered a passion that would never leave him: photography.

The advent of digital technology accelerated his desire to devote more and more time to photography, which he does today on a professional basis.

Jean-Louis Lebreux

Jean-Louis Lebreux is the founder and director of the Musée Le Chafaud, in Percé, Gaspésie. Originally from Grande-Rivière, he still remembers the first gift he gave himself when he was still a student: a small camera. From this interest in photography, he quickly developed a true passion.

Photo personnelle Jean_Simon Bégin

Jean Simon Begin

Jean-Simon’s photographic expression is the result of a search for contemplation and isolation. The wild world contrasts with the modernity that surrounds us. It represents a fragile piece of balance and symbiosis in a period of great change.


Zacharie Beaudoin

It all started when one of my grandmother’s sisters, Auntie Tine, as she was called, gave me for the very first time an old, barely functional camera that she had found in her hundreds of collectables in the basement. But it must be said that I was already familiar with photography before that moment, thanks to my mother’s passion for this art since her youth, too.