Nath & Compagnie was founded in 2019 by Nathalie Clément and was born from a desire to create, from inspiring photos of joy, calm or peace, useful objects for everyday life. Notebooks to take notes and make lists. Cards to write little words to people we love or want to thank, and wrapping paper. Beautiful paper, which increases the pleasure of giving and receiving a gift!

« I do photography as a hobby, for fun. I like to get lost in nature, far from the world. I travel by road, walk by the sea and in the fields, cross-country ski on the beach and snowshoe in the mountains. I observe closely everything that is there. What fascinates me are the textures; mineral, organic, water, ice and snow. I love it when the world is reduced to streaks, wrinkles, cracks, cavities, currents or swellings. I love it when the small simple things in life become grandiose.

Big Green Door, Pointe-Saint-Pierre, Gaspésie
Barn, Barachois, Gaspésie

It was essential for me that this stationery be ecological and affordable. I benefited from the advice of my good friend Lyne, an environmental designer, who helped me find a mill that produces paper with a very ecological approach. She also helped me to choose a printer who is very authentic in the ecological management of its printing. I did some printing tests with my friend Normand, who is patient and creative. Then, I asked a great photographer, Julia, who has an incredible eye, to help me fine-tune the whole thing. Finally, my friend Yuri, a talented designer, with whom I have worked many times on other projects in the past, put it all together.

I sold this small production in Gaspésie in the summer of 2019. It was conclusive and I understood that many people had, just like me, the desire to offer notebooks, cards and paper that are beautiful and affordable.

That’s how, in my spare time, I made this stationery. »

Nathalie Clément