Nathalie Clément

Like other photographers at Nath & Compagnie, my passion for photography was born when I was a teenager. I spent a whole summer working as a life guard at $3 an hour to buy my first Minolta camera with all my savings! The beginning of freedom! Tucked away behind my lens, I could bring beauty to the forefront in any setting I chose.

Since then, I try to find in a landscape what sometimes escapes the eye that passes too quickly. With my zoom lens, I force the eye to look for the detail that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. For me, everything that makes up our universe deserves to be seen, no matter what angle we adopt. I have no other claim than to create an emotion – that I hope will be soothing – from the moment you look at the image.

Nathalie Clément is the founder of Nath & Compagnie.