Zacharie Beaudoin

It all started when one of my grandmother’s sisters, Auntie Tine, as she was called, gave me for the very first time an old, barely functional camera that she had found in her hundreds of collectables in the basement. But it must be said that I was already familiar with photography before that moment, thanks to my mother’s passion for this art since her youth, too.

So, one thing led to another and I started to be interested in cameras, in landscapes, but especially, with time, in portraits and in everything an image, a face, could convey.

For three years now, I can say that I went from amateur photography to semi-professional photography, first by the simple experience of photographing almost everything that seemed worthy of interest during my numerous trips, but also by accepting a few contracts, mainly portraits, which allowed me to refine my style, to sharpen my eye and also to deepen the relationship that I established with the people I photographed.

Today, I still have the same passion for photography, a passion that is born and grows through contact with others, human interaction, emotion, respect, listening and especially the pleasure of trying new things, innovating, creating and obtaining a result that is as much the image of the photographed as of the photographer.

Looking forward to the next encounter.